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From Stone Age to this modern age, not only has our life style changed but our likeness for technology has increased tremendously. Earlier we used to rush back from school & play games in open grounds &fields with our friends, making teams, competing, winning & above all enjoying the warmth of precious bond called “Friendship”. But those days are long gone now, with the dawn of modern era of technology, online gaming has tempted us to stay in front of our laptops, smartphones all the time. Name the game or genre & within seconds hundreds of thousands different online game appears in front of you. Thousands of online game websites are present on internet to provide quality time to its players.

OYUN-ONLINE pageOne of the most popular game sites is oyun-online .It contains Turkish flash games as well as other online flash games. Good thing about this site is that you don’t have to make or open an account in order to play online games from this site plus this site is free of ads for the first year. Now you don’t need to wait for these annoying ads to finish while playing your favorite game. This site gives special importance to player’s feedback. The site keeps record of its player’s choice and the games dislike by the players is removed from the website as well as new games are added on weekly basis. The owners of site ensure to give their visitors only best quality games; bad games or nudity games are not published in this site.
There are many different types of games. From games based on a person’s social issues, mind games, typing, puzzles, fighting, cards, adventures, fashion games to the online games based on outdoor games & indoor games, all can be played. Statistics of 2013 shows that amongst our youth, boys play online games more than girls play. Worldwide the numeral of online gamer’s has increased to 144.9 million with Asia at the top & Europe in the 2nd place.Kids can play their baby games and other baby hazel games here for free.

Online games can be played at ajagames.com by a single player, multiple players or many players can compete with each other that are playing online games at the same time across the globe. A certain type of online game is popular amongst a certain age group & gender. Girls of younger age mostly like to play dress up games, cards & games related to fashion. Whereas boys prefer to play shooting games, adventure games where they’ll be provided with missions to complete & are given commands of troops.
Oyun-Online is especially famous for its mind games, puzzles that help the player to increase their mind work; war games teach them to fight their enemy; racing games and football games that help them to increase their stamina. Besides these games different adventure games, shooting games and zombie games are also available on this site.
These online games are tempting for a young mind who wants to try & win everything. If you love to play online games, you have come at the right place; this site is perfect with you. You can play games of your choice free of cost and without any other annoying conditions. Give it a try and you will love it.

Strike Force Heroes Game

Play strike force heroes 2 online where you can customize your warriors to kill the enemies from all over the globe…


Strike Force Heroes 2 was developed by Mike Sleva and Justin Goncalves and it was sponsored by notDoppler and ArmorGames. It was released on March 21, 2013. The game has been very popular among its players and has high rating.


StrikeForce Heroes 2 is online military strategy and shooting game in which you and your highly-trained squad of contest warriors take on high-stakes challenges where you need to eradicate enemy forces from all over the earth even in the outer space. You can change your warriors’ attributes and make them outclass as a Sniper, an Engineer, a General, a Juggernaut or a Mercenary. Each type of fighter gives you the opportunity to try out by way of different features, characteristics and weapons.
This exciting fighting game needs fast mouse clicking ability and dexterous keyboard tapping skills as you need to pass throughout range of tricky missions and difficult terrains. Discover a vast collection of powerful guns, sketch your own fight strategies, and ascend your ranks to turn out to be an essential member of one of the world’s most powerful and feared military squads. Amateurs need to be aware as this is highly professional squad of armed forces and only the most trained players need to play tjis game. Now you have get an idea what it takes to play Strikeforce Heroes 2 game. So are you ready to take the challenge and kill all your enemies?


There are three different game modes: Challenges, Campaign, and Custom Game. In challenges mode, player has 15 different operations but these missions are designed on tremendously difficult setting that is why this mode is recommended for experienced and highly-skilled players. Campaign mode has 15 features each with more tough ‘operations’ where you need to eradicate a set amount of opponent fighters to progress. Custom mode is a free-for-all, once-off mode in which player can choose his own weapons, game format, terrain, number of enemies etc. Preferably, player must try the first ‘Tutorial’ level to get skills on game controls on Campaign Mode of the game.

All game modes have exactly the same controls. Use arrow keys to move your soldier. For jump you need to press Spacebar/ W /Up Arrow. To crouch use these keys: S/ Down Arrow. To use your gun, aim the enemy by mouse cursor and use Left Click to fire.Play subway surfers game online and enjoy the fun.